Meghan Blackall
July 2016
General Medicine
University of Virginia Health System
United States




Meghan was a true Godsend to my brother. Recently diagnosed with lung cancer, brain cancer as well as a surviving leukemia patient. He presented at UVA by Pegasus and was basically mad at the world by his 2nd day inpatient. He was unable to walk or use his left limbs. He was ready to give up and go home and he didn't care how this happened. Meghan, affectionately known to my brother by her nickname of MeeMaw, which is what we called our grandmother, was his only saving grace. He only cooperated with Meghan! No family member, doctor or nurse could make him happy or please him. Meghan stepped in and knew his needs and what he was going through with such ease and warming spirits! When family would call to check on him we would ask if "Mee Maw was his nurse" because we knew he would listen and he did! Almost 2 weeks later he is still inpatient receiving radiation, PT and a host of advice with a brand new attitude and outlook! Meghan had a huge role in turning this around for him with her positive attitude and we cannot thank her enough!
Meghan definitely made my brother want to get better. She has an air about her that made him feel special and he came to trust her immensely. That is not something that can be learned overnight. She gave 110% each and every encounter with him and that should not go unnoticed!
Meghan continually shows expertise in the care of E. He was exceptionally touched when he returned to his room from surgery and opened his arms to his family...and as soon as Meghan came into his room, E saw Meghan, opened his arms to her and she hugged him just as if she were part of his family...this brought E to tears of relief to just see her by his bedside. What a kind, compassionate, loving gesture on Meghan's part.
From E's first day on West 3 and meeting Meghan, she has treated him as if she had all the time in the world for him...made him and the family feel he was her only patient (even though we knew she had many more.) There was nothing he requested that she failed to get or do for him. She suggested ways to make our rubbing of E's idle legs much more comfortable for him and easier for the family to perform. She mentioned the use of his "Pickle" which definitely made it easier to "bring up" his sputum. E feels Meghan is an outstanding asset to UVA and to Nursing in general. She definitely has made this difficult time in E's life much easier and has even lessened the fear that E and the family has had. What a blessing Meghan is to Third West/University of Virginia Hospital.