Meena Akber
December 2019
Education Department
Al Zahra Hospital
Al Barsha 1, Dubai
United Arab Emirates




Meena is an outstanding clinical educator. She has recently co-developed a medication administration competency and has provided education for the entire Nursing Department on the updated competency. Meena has been a key member of the team that has developed an updated evidence-based policy, workflow processes and safe administration practices. Meena is knowledgeable, professional, honest and well respected. She has willingly taken on a difficult task with enthusiasm and a positive attitude.
In addition, during the competency assessment, Meena found deficits in supplies required but not available. She sourced a product and referred the requirement for financial approval and procurement.
Finally, Meena led an initiative to correlate feedback from all areas in an effort to improve the safety and efficiency of care provided, through accurate and timely documentation. Meena clearly and concisely articulated any challenges within the multi-professional care environment.
Education is critical to the development of competent and compassionate nursing, which assures excellence in patient and family care.