Matthew Ratcliff
September 2022
Emergency Department
The Medical Center of Aurora
United States




That's when I met, Matthew. He was a breath of fresh air.
For the past 6 months, I have been attempting to help my mom and aunts with getting my 97-year-old grandma into hospice so that she would not have to come back to the ER. For months, she had told me she didn't want to come back to the ER or the Hospital. My mom, aunt and grandpa were not ready.

I got the call that the skilled nursing facility had called 911. I was preparing myself. As a former ER and Critical Care nurse, I knew this is not what she wanted but I was powerless. By the time I arrived at the ER she had been placed on comfort/Hospice care. The wait for a bed begins. That's when I met, Matthew. He was a breath of fresh air. Not only did he take the time to care from my grandma but he also made sure my 97-year-old grandpa was acknowledged and cared for. He took the time to explain sepsis and the plan to my aunt and mom. He allowed me to help with her care. He was gentle, never appeared to be in a rush. We talked about he was a new graduate, I would have never guessed by the way he carried himself. Despite the multiple overhead calls for security, traumas, code yellows, and even the dreaded divert, my family felt like the priority every time he was in the room. He is the example of an extraordinary and compassionate nurse.