Mary Duffy
June 2018
Pediatric Nephrology
University of Virginia Health System
United States




Mary Duffy consistently goes above and beyond as the Pediatric Dialysis Nurse and Pediatric Kidney Transplant Coordinator as well as the sole nurse coordinator for the Pediatric Renal clinic. She is readily available to her patients and develops a strong relationship of trust with each of them and their families. Mary also keeps her cool during some very stressful and difficult situations.
Recently during a home visit for a 10-month-old patient on Peritoneal Dialysis, Mary assessed that the patient was in distress and needed emergency medical intervention. She calmly assessed the child's medical condition; contacted the physician; took control of the situation; directed the rest of the team who was at the home visit; provided support to the mother; and provided a medical history to EMS when they arrived. Throughout all of this, Mary held the baby in her arms to constantly assess his medical needs and be immediately available to provide resuscitation if needed until he was safely in the care of the Emergency Medical Technicians. Mary's actions, dedication, skill, and knowledge helped to preserve the life of this child while maintaining a strong relationship with the mother.
This is just one example of how Mary regularly goes above and beyond in her service to the Pediatric Renal patients and their families. She demonstrates excellent professionalism in her ability to be present, conscientious, caring, and collaborative. Her focus is always on the needs of the patients and she advocates strongly for them. It is a joy and a wonder to see Mary in action and I admire her ability to develop strong relationships with patients and families through some of the most challenging times in their lives and maintain this relationship as they cope with chronic, life-threatening illnesses.