Mary Beth Hernandez
June 2020
FirstHealth of the Carolinas
United States




Hospice Staff,
I am writing to thank you for faithfully walking with us on the latter journey of my Dad's life here on earth. The services rendered by Hospice have been incredible, and your compassion has been beyond measure. All your staff members were wonderful - both here at home and on Dad's visits to the Hospice House. Your nurses were always quite knowledgeable and comforting. But there is one nurse on your staff who is truly an angel. The nurse is Mary Beth Hernandez, Dad's nurse.
I watched as my father perked up every time she came to visit him. He might have been in a lot of pain, but he still smiled when Mary Beth entered the room. Dad recognized her wisdom and expertise, and he trusted her fully. What Mary Beth said to do became the law for him, and he followed her instructions and suggestions completely.
We shared laughter and tears, and Mary Beth became a member of our family. We tried to teach her the meaning of some southern terminology and she learned quickly that "being ill" in the south did not mean you were meant you were "grumpy." Mary Beth was always readily accessible, and that was a great relief to all of us. She researched, she talked with medical personnel, and she maintained close contact with Dad's primary care physician. She ordered medical equipment that was very helpful to Dad. She dealt with his complicated medical history and his variety of medications, as she sought ways to best serve his needs. She was his advocate and he realized that, and he totally trusted her judgment.
Mary Beth served with true compassion throughout these past months and that was culminatingly evident when she came to the house the morning Dad passed away and pronounced him dead. Then, like Mary going to Jesus' tomb, she prepared Dad's body and helped to dress him before the undertaker carried Dad away.
So, do you see why I call her our angel? Mary Beth's compassion did not end that fateful morning...she called to check on us later, and then she attended Dad's funeral service. I sent a text the week to let her know we miss her weekly visits with Dad, for you see...Mom and I loved her too...just like Dad.
Thank you again for your caring, compassionate staff. And thank you for allowing us to be "touched by your angel." We shall always be indebted to the care and love shown by Hospice. Gratefully and respectfully I pen these words.