June 2016
5th Floor
Broward Health Imperial Point
Fort Lauderdale
United States




Marva is on top of things! She anticipates her patients' needs and communicates very clearly to us, but there is more. I was lucky to have Marva for three days which allowed me to see her compassion, faith, warmth, intelligence, and caring nature.
When I first met Marva, I was impressed with how she was managing my doctors, getting information, and addressing every single part of my daily care without me thinking twice. She always had the answers or got on that phone immediately and resolved things. Although Marva is busy (she never stops going), she made time to speak to me about faith, the universe, and a higher power. She let me bring this conversation to her, but knew exactly how to engage with me to make me feel at peace. It is very clear that her time at hospice adds another dimension and tool to put in her nurse bag.
Marva, thank you for never leaving me in doubt, pain, or concerned. You are a beautiful human being.