Martha Agriesti
February 2017
Case Management / Social Work Services
Mount Carmel East Hospital
United States




Marty had picked up an extra shift to fill in on a weekend and during this time was contacted by the nursing supervisor due to some concerns the patient's family had. Marty stepped into action and went above and beyond with this family. She assisted with this family to address their concerns. She followed up with the family all weekend, even calling the son after hours at his request. She spent about 3 hours with the family listening, addressing their concerns, providing support and getting the family the answers they needed. During her time with this family, Marty noticed there were multiple family dynamic issues and issues with anxiety. The patient was supposed to have had a simple surgery but has now had many complications. She provided encouragement and hope, a shoulder to lean on and an ear for the family's and patient's troubles.
She is truly a rock star as a nurse and as a case manager. She is a joy to have on our team. She works with newer case managers to help them improve their skills and takes them under her wing. She is involved in a social committee to try to increase department engagement. She truly exemplified authentic connections and the Mount Carmel standards of excellence in providing such amazing care.
She is truly an amazing and vital member of our team, to the patients and to the hospital.