Marissa Hensel
July 2020
Inpatient Cancer Center
University of Maryland Medical Center
United States




I've just received my cancer diagnosis; the waiting was unbearable. Marissa has been nothing less than God sent. Question after question was fired at her and to my surprise, she stopped everything she was doing and placed total focus on me. I mattered! To her, I mattered.
At that moment I felt I had an ally...a friend. She would help me through this.
She explains all the details I'm requesting and goes to gather information on anything she is unable to answer; most importantly she doesn't forget to return with an answer that I would understand.
When I need assistance, she's quick to help. Due to COVID-19 and my new cancer diagnosis, I am unable to see my husband, 10-year-old child, or any other visitors. I've cried, yes, I've cried.
Marissa has been there for me emotionally too. Like "REALLY" been there for me.