Maria Muller Gomez
October 2017
Riverside Community Hospital
United States




I stayed at RCH after a difficult hysterectomy and Ms. Muller was my day nurse. She was extremely patient and kind. Even though she had many people to see to and duties to perform (and you knew she had to be tired), she never let it show by facial expression or attitude. She always was respectful and treated you like you were her only concern at that moment. Her cheerful response was heartwarming.
My hysterectomy was scheduled as an outpatient procedure. I checked in at noon and was to be in surgery at 2 pm. Due to emergencies, I didn't go upstairs until 4 pm. I was up on the 3rd floor in a room. My diabetic husband was tired, hungry and so worried about me, he didn't want to leave my side. I was out for the count and didn't realize what was going on. By 7:30 am, I was coherent enough to process the thought that my husband hadn't eaten or had his insulin and since the floor was a women's health floor, was closed to men so I had no idea where he was or how he was. The last thing I thought he said was "if I have to, I'll just sleep in the car." I was so overwhelmed by concern, I called Maria and told her and she got the phone to me and told me how to dial. I kept calling trying to find him; hoping he was okay. I was helpless to do anything but lay there and worry. Each time Maria came in to check on me or the other ladies, she asked if I found him. She reassured me he would be okay and that he probably went home. My husband did show up at visiting hours and he was alright, and when Maria came to check on me, she patted me and asked if this was my husband and said she was glad everything turned out fine.
Maria knows her medical skills and uses them very well. She cared for me expertly but also knows healing is an emotional experience. She balances kindness, compassion and technical skills altogether. She was a great blessing to me. I was comforted by her as well as physically cared for. I felt like more than a room number, more than just a job and more than an old scared woman. Thank you, Nurse Muller!