Maria Abelida
March 2020
Outpatient Surgery
Audie Murphy VA Hospital
San Antonio
United States




Maria played a very important role in my wife's recovery following her same-day surgery. She is a detailed oriented individual who can remain calm and focused under any type of pressure. She made my wife comfortable with her "anything you need" attitude and was extremely helpful, well beyond what was expected. Ms. Abelida helped my wife to the bathroom, cleaned up the blood that dripped on the floor, changed my wife's dressings, carefully removed her IV, and prepared her for the release home. She provided printouts of what to expect during her recovery, explained all the medications that were ordered and gave her education on how to take care of her surgical wounds. I know all of this is expected as part of an RN's job, but Maria's professionalism went far beyond expectations.
Nurse Abelida's problem-solving skills and ability to communicate effectively with patients are remarkable. While she is on shift, patients can relax knowing they're in good hands. Because of the patient's level of sedation during post-op recovery, I am sure many of the patients do not recall how well she takes care of them; but she does it anyway!
Nurse Maria Abelida has my highest recommendation. I am confident she will continue to thrive in her chosen profession by providing only the best care for her patients.