Margo Walton
July 2021
UVA Health
VA Virginia
United States




Margo wanted this to be the happiest day of this couple's life, despite the unfortunate news they had received.
I have had the pleasure of working with Margo from the start of her nursing career. Even during the "novice" phase, I would have, without a doubt, chosen Margo to care for my family. She's not only brilliant, but she considers more than just providing medical care. She thinks of the patient holistically and pays close attention to detail. There are so many examples I can give, but my favorite is the one I am here to share.

I was charge nurse on a busy Wednesday, and Margo approached me and said, "Hey my patient wants to get married on Friday- how can we make this happen?" I looked at her a little funny and asked for more details. The patient had recently been diagnosed with a terminal illness, and he decided that he wanted to forgo extraordinary measures. His one request with making this decision was to marry his partner of 40 years. Margo immediately took on the challenge. Margo did not want this to be an ordinary hospital wedding in a semi-private hospital room with limited space, a view of a cement wall, and limited guests. She wanted this to be the happiest day of this couple's life, despite the unfortunate news they had received. She called a pastor. She got a notary. She started calling the gift shop for flowers and balloons. She called nutrition for a cake. She told the soon-to-be Mrs. to go get her hair done and pick out a nice outfit. She got a beautiful room booked in the south tower overlooking the mountains. She got a photographer. She got approval for a few extra guests to be present. She picked out an outfit for the patient and helped him look, but more importantly feel, like a groom. I want you to also consider that this was all in the midst of caring for 3 other sick patients.

As the big day approached, Margo hit the ground running. She ensured to get all of her work done and that her other patients were cared for. She was running around all morning checking off boxes to make absolutely sure everything was done before the 1100 wedding ceremony. Along with the help of our assistant manager, the wedding turned out to be absolutely beautiful. Many tears were shed, and the happiest memories were made for the patient and his new wife.

I think it's important to recognize Margo mostly because she ISN'T the nurse that works for recognition. She would have done this for any patient, on any day, no matter how busy. I admire Margo for her commitment to her patients, especially in this past year. I know I especially have leaned on Margo as a friend, looked for her guidance as a nurse, and through all of the trials and hardships this past year thrown at us, Margo has remained positive and a pivotal member of our 4East family. I could not praise her more for her hard work every single day. Thank you, Margo, for inspiring me to be a better nurse and for giving so much happiness to everyone around you.