Margie Stickles
March 2018
Vice President, Perioperative and Procedural Services
University of Maryland Medical Center
United States




I was waiting for the city bus after work, a family was walking down the block toward the hospital, when Margie Stickles walked up behind them. The family did not appear to have much, the woman was carrying an infant child, and the father was wheeling two suitcases. Margie stopped to ask what they needed; they were looking for the Greyhound bus station, and wanted to know where the bus stop to get there was. As I approached I told them it was near the Casino now, but I was unsure which bus to take. I was going to look it up on my phone, however, it was at this time Margie said, "I'll call you guys an Uber" and led them to the corner to get a ride to the bus station. She waited with them on the corner for a few minutes until the Uber arrived, saw them off, and went about her evening.
As much emphasis as we place on caring for patients and family inside the hospital, it was really nice to see a member of our senior leadership team take a moment (and a few dollars) to help out a family in need outside the hospital walls. I don't think we expect every nurse or employee to have the means or ability to help people in the manner which Margie did, I feel that taking the time she did to help them really represents the compassion and care that all nurses and employees of the hospital strive to provide.