Margaret (Iyabo) Akinniyi
October 2018
Medical/Wound Care-4E
RWJ/Barnabas Health - Community Medical Center
Toms River
United States




This summer, I came to Community Hospital with a leg injury after a fall. While trying to retrieve some items from the attic, I slipped and fell two stories. In addition to a sprain, I was found to have an abscess on another part of my body and needed to be admitted for further evaluation and treatment.
At the hospital, I was embarrassed, terrified and all alone. I am a recovering addict and some people can make you feel very uncomfortable, but not my nurse. Margaret Akinniyi was just great. I felt comfortable with Margaret and told her that I was experiencing withdrawals from the methadone in my system and she even stayed with me past her shift that night.
I've never had someone go out of their way just for me. It made me feel so great and that is why I'm submitting a nomination to nurse Margaret. Yes, I am an addict and was considering leaving the hospital that day but did not because Margaret took the time to listen, encourage and help me. Margaret deserves this nomination. Not only did Margaret help me physically, but she also made me feel like she really cared, and I was a valued person. Thank you so much, Margaret, you deserve this!