Marcy Aguilar
February 2014
7 South Coronary Care Unit
University of New Mexico Hospitals
United States




Marcy Aguilar, RN was assigned to be my primary RN. I was brought by ambulance for a heart emergency, after a long trip from northern NM and a brief stop at SRMC.

To say the least, I was scared, knowing "all the signs" I knew I had EKG changes, became very symptomatic with hypotension, dizziness, increased angina- Marcy took my hand and simply stated "I'm here, won't leave your bedside, won't leave you- I have you M...'". Being very ill I heard her call the Charge Nurse stating "please check on my other patients", get Dr. A we need to "bump her up" in Cath lab. All was a blur-except hearing Marcy's voice and feeling her hand holding mine. Her calmly instructing me- asking who to call in my family . . . notify my son in AZ - know that Marcy took me to the cath lab and by then I was really scared and afraid I wouldn't live. She gave them report and told me "I will not let your room go- will comfort your friends and family". Dr. A and her great team took over with Dr. C as attending and here I am 5 days later telling this "heroic story". I'm alive! My LAD was totally occluded "the Widow Maker" as we call it. Here to tell you even more what Marcy Aguilar does.

For the next day then saw Marcy Aguilar RN as the "Charge RN" of 7 South- not acting any different going from room to room doing whatever needed to be done for her Peers and mostly for the patients families- watched her hold other's hands in ALL the rooms, console, hug, laugh, show such "grace under fire"- role modeling, Excellence in Nursing for sharing all nurses strengths-"never a weakness"! With myself had to be my "advocate" with a very sensitive subject with my "real family" and "step family", being my advocate with HIPPA and my privacy with religious matters. Respecting the residents, calling "Doctor" always- calling me Mrs. M always. Showing that "Magnet Status" we are taught through the Clinical Ladder and Charge Nurse and Management classes! Not just me - this was 20 Cardiac Rooms and ever changing daily- we didn't have enough "man power" her getting out to be "a tech". For being a nurse IS being ALL! Being proud, humbled and that "Can Do" - "Why I'm a nurse" for "I love it". Her sharing "Coming from another system to UNM" changed her life as a nurse, gave it new meaning again! Finally, even seeing her work (4) four 12 hour shifts in a row & not even acting like she was worked "one shift". Looking frankly "Fresh as a Daisy" in her black and red scrubs. No matter the color, being that "one" who acknowledged all before herself. That "super-woman" work ethic - "her healing touch". My "Guardian Angel" that I knew too much. Kept me looking on the "bright side" and when walking for my cardiac therapy saw the "Daisy" . . .

Marcy Aguilar, RN is that exceptional nurse. No she doesn't work ER, TRAUMA or TRAUMA ICU - but 7 South cardiac at UNM does see very critical patients. Do hold life and death in their hands every day . . .

Mostly, they saved this RN, Widow, Grandmother, Mom, daughter, and friend to many who are glad Marcy Aguilar RN was on Friday afternoon. I don't know if I would have trusted anyone else that much to be honest. Let's make her world smell like Cinnabons! daisies and love! . . . I will never forget Marcy for the rest of my life. Consider her always to be my friend.