Marcus Fields
June 2019
Medical Intensive Care Unit
University of Virginia Health System
United States




Marcus was caring for a gentleman on MICU 3 North who was in desperate need of a lung transplant. Marcus built a notable rapport while aiding in this patient's transplant workup. While caring for him, Marcus discovered that this patient majored in Fine Arts and they then bonded over their love of art. The patient provided him with his Instagram page that was full of his timeless pieces of art. Later in the week, the patient was due to be presented for a potential transplant.
After a few days off, Marcus returned to work only to discover that the patient he cared so hard for was denied a transplant for unforeseeable circumstances. Knowing that not receiving a transplant was detrimental to the patient's survival and also being a recipient himself, Marcus knows the importance of such, and he was overcome with sorrow. He paid a visit to the patient to express his deepest sympathies and to provide words of encouragement. He could see how depressed and withdrawn the patient had become. The next day, Marcus brought in a sketchbook with graphite pencils and surprised the patient with a gift of art, knowing this was once such a passion for him. Upon receiving the gift, the patient's once sad, withdrawn eyes were lit with a glimmer of happiness.
Marcus not only excelled in nursing but also displayed a particularly noteworthy sense of compassion. Marcus leads by example and fosters a culture of high quality, compassionate care. Marcus is a DAISY Nurse who provides the best care for patients and facilitates a culture of nursing excellence.