Marcopolo Agraan
September 2019
East 6 Cardiothoracic Progressive Care Unit
UC Davis Medical Center
United States




It was brought to our attention that Marcopolo Agraan had saved a man's life. This was no surprise to many of us on East 6 as he is an exceptional nurse who is always going above and beyond.
The Fire Captain of the Sacramento City Fire Department reached out to us to tell us what had happened. These are his words:
"Recently, a 64-year-old male baritone horn player collapsed while performing with his marching band. A gentleman who identified himself as Marcopolo, RN from UCDMC East 6, started immediate CPR. 911 was called and Fire Department paramedics confirmed the absence of breathing or pulse, and the first recorded rhythm was V-Fib. After 3 shocks and a dose of amiodarone, while en route to Kaiser South, the gentleman spit out his OPA and began talking. The patient bypassed the ED going from the ambulance straight to the cath lab where he underwent emergent angioplasty and was discharged 100% neurologically intact 48 hours later. The cardiologist believes that there was 0% myocardium lost. Mr. Agraan's actions on his day off were a credit to the nursing profession and UCDMC. His actions were an integral part of the chain of survival that returned this patient to his family (and band) with an excellent quality of life."
Marcopolo Agraan embodies the qualities and the characteristics that describe an Extraordinary Nurse.