Malinda Brantley
August 2016
University of Virginia Health System
United States




Malinda is the most caring individual I have ever met. Her compassion for her patients is unparalleled. The care she has provided for our twins in the NICU, far exceeds my highest expectations. She knows our babies and their needs as well as we do. If one of our girls is having a bad day, she often stays well after her shift is over to help care for them. When my wife and I cannot be in the NICU with our girls, it is comforting to have Malinda caring for them. She truly cares about her patients. On several occasions, I've seen her hold a pacifier for one of our babies to comfort them or to help them practice their sucking reflexes. She always keeps a close eye on them and is quick to respond when anyone needs help. Her capacity for caring for her patients is unequivocal. The high standing of her personal character is equaled only by her professionalism. She is highly intelligent and always seems to know exactly what to do in every situation. She is an amazing nurse and a wonderful person. I am so thankful that our little girls have her as their nurse.
Having a child in the NICU is not an easy situation to be in. Having twins at 24 weeks is a challenging ordeal for anyone. Our girls have spent 3 months in the NICU and likely have 2 to 3 more months of growth and development until they will be discharged. Malinda has cared for our babies since they were born. Over the past three months, a lot of nurses have cared for our girls. We have had a lot of highly qualified, capable, and caring nurses, but Malinda is exceptional. No one cares more about their patients than her.
She doesn't just care for her patients, she knows them. Nursing isn't just an occupation to her; it is her passion; it is her life. This is immediately evident as soon as anyone meets her. She is very knowledgeable and has great instincts about patients' needs. I feel very confident in her ability to provide the best care possible for my babies. Without her exceptional care and compassion, an already difficult situation would have been even more stressful. She has been so helpful at educating my wife and me on how to care for our premature babies. Malinda is a special person and the greatest nurse I've ever known.
Malinda has been caring for my twin nieces the past 3 months, she is completely focused and amazing at her job. She has a wonderful and compassionate heart - both of these qualities appear in her duties as a nurse. I am always greeted with a smile and have witnessed her greatness. I wish she could stay with my nieces as they progress through the coming stages of the NICU and PICU, I'm pretty sure she will be checking in on them often. Our family greatly appreciates her kindness during this "double" difficult journey.
Malinda worked closely with my nieces from pretty much day one, during visits I personally saw her devotion and pride in her job. She didn't act like it was her job however, she acted like it was a part of her. She is very thorough and "knows" her patients. I know that this wonderful person was a gift to my nieces from God. He brought her to our family to help care for our precious baby girls. She will forever have a special place in all of our hearts.