Maggie Ashu
November 2017
Thrive Skilled Pediatric Care - Houston
Thrive Skilled Pediatric Care
United States




Maggie Ashu was nominated for the DAISY Award by the mom of her patient. "Maggie has integrated her professional nursing skills and care in every aspect of my daughter's life from day one," she wrote. Severe cerebral palsy limits the patient's ability to communicate. Maggie has become an expert on her patient and helps determine what she wants to eat, where she wants to go, and how she is feeling. Maggie accompanies the patient to school and keeps her medically and physically safe there and at home. She knows every Beiber and Beyonce song that her patient likes. She knows when she is hungry, happy, bored, or sad.
Maggie makes a difference in her patient's life day in and day out. She is a model example of Thrive's commitment to providing high-quality clinical home care to medically fragile children so they can grow and flourish to their full potential. Maggie is more than a nurse, she is her patient's voice.