Madison Rodriguez
May 2024
Float Pool
Riverside Community Hospital
United States




Her kind and caring nature lets her connect easily with her patients.
Madison Rodriguez is the kind of nurse everyone would love to have. Making sure her patients are well cared for, understand the plan of care, and feel heard is a priority for Madison. Her kind and caring nature lets her connect easily with her patients. She goes out of her way to do the extra little things that make a difference in her patient’s experience, like going to the cafeteria to make sure her patient gets a hot meal when they have been NPO all day or spending time explaining care to family members so they feel involved and that their loved one is well cared for.  Madison is an excellent resource for her teammates and jumps in to help whenever she sees help is needed. 

Unit staff are happy when they see Madison is coming to work with them. She is a valued team player. Colleagues know, when Madison is working with them, she will help them any way she can. She is an excellent resource for our newer staff and has precepted new Float Pool RNs as well as new hires from other units. 

Madison has a heart for nursing; she comes to work not caring where she is assigned, as she says all the time she is here for our patients. This attitude shines through Madison’s words and deeds every shift to patients and colleagues alike. Madison is a true DAISY Nurse.