Madison Hsieh
January 2024
Riverside Community Hospital
United States




We felt an honest sense of compassion from her, that nursing wasn’t just a job to Madi. 
My wife and I delivered our baby at Riverside Community Hospital. Our baby had some complications during birth and was admitted to the NICU. My wife had a normal birth but post labor was very difficult for her. After she was stabilized, they took us to postpartum to check her in to the room she would be staying in for the next few days during her recovery. She had an early morning birth and, by the time we got to the room, it was around 5:00 am. She slept the rest of the morning and was greeted by a very friendly-faced nurse when she woke. 

Madison, or Madi as she preferred, was the sweetest person, helping my wife during her recovery that day. She called down to the NICU for us, scheduled transport, helped us with taking care of food for my wife’s diet, made sure my wife was well taken care of, and answered her questions with the brightest smile on her face and friendliest attitude. She made us feel extremely welcome and took care of my wife’s every need. 

Her shift ended that evening about the time we returned from the NICU, but she stuck around to make sure my wife settled in. We went to bed that night and woke the next morning again to Madi’s friendly smile. She had managed to get assigned to my wife’s care again that day and asked us how our baby was doing. We felt an honest sense of compassion from her, that nursing wasn’t just a job to Madi. 

That day, I had to run home to take care of a few things, but I felt a little hesitant to leave my wife and baby for several hours. But knowing Madi was there and seeing firsthand the level of care and compassion she has towards her patients made it easier for me to leave and know she was well taken care of. 

She is an outstanding nurse and an amazing human being. She went above and beyond the call of being a nurse and took care of my wife as if she were family. I will forever be grateful for the level of care she received during her stay and the warm compassion she received from this young lady. Nurses like Madi make it easier for family members to leave their loved one’s bedside, (even for a few hours), knowing they are well taken care of.