Lynn Olmsted
December 2018
Staffing Resource Office
University of Virginia Health System
United States




Lynn was an outstanding labor and delivery nurse during the birth of our first child, a daughter. Prior to delivery, I was especially worried about who my labor and delivery nurse would be. My mother has been a labor and delivery nurse (outside of the UVA system) for 40 years and my husband is a physician. I knew they would want someone with confidence who would provide a lot of information during labor and delivery. On the other hand, I am shy and wanted someone who would be quiet, calm, and kind.
Lynn was somehow all the things we needed. She was confident and assertive for my mother and husband; she answered their questions and took their advice and opinions gracefully. Even though she had a very informed and alert support team to manage, she also ensured I was her priority as the patient. Specifically, she went above and beyond in a conversation with my husband. Knowing my mother was a very experienced L&D nurse, she spoke with my husband privately and let him know that if needed, she would speak directly to my mother and ensure I was comfortable, and her presence was not overwhelming. For a nurse to take such a step knowing a very vocal, assertive L&D nurse of 40 years would be the person she would have to confront proved that I was her priority as the patient. Many nurses may not feel as confident to have such a conversation. Ultimately, my husband and I truly appreciated Lynn taking this step. In telling my mother, she also spoke very highly of a nurse who would have such a conversation to ensure the patient was the priority.
In addition, Lynn stayed at my bedside to hold my hands during contractions and rub my back. Though my husband and mother were well-versed in how to support a woman in labor, Lynn spoke up when I was visibly uncomfortable to suggest new positions and ideas. I cannot speak highly enough of Lynn's attention to my individual needs. After my daughter was born, she spent time with me talking about my journey into motherhood. Surely, she had charting to complete and things to do, yet she was so aware of what I would desire as a patient that she stayed and gave me additional time.