Luzviminda "Beng" Angoluan
August 2019
Pre-Surgical Screening
Hospital for Special Surgery
New York
United States




There was a patient in PSS early this morning who came in with "indigestion". He turned out to be having a STEMI. What merits special mention here is that Beng not only listened closely to this man's story, she realized he might be describing an anginal equivalent, promptly did an EKG and called an RRT. Since time to catch lab has the most powerful correlation with outcomes in STEMI, she may well have saved his life. I thought this merited special mention because this patient will likely enjoy the best outcome possible.
Beng had a patient with epigastric pain. The patient figured it was related to acid reflux. He indicated that he had taken three tums prior to arriving at PSS. It turns out this patient was having a heart attack, a widowmaker heart attack to be exact. Beng immediately called rapid response after completing his electrocardiogram and quickly hooked him up to oxygen. She then called for an ambulance. Rapid response team arrived and gave the patient aspirin. The patient was safely transferred to NYP. We at PSS believe Beng should be commended with a DAISY for her skillful care. She handled the situation with great composure. Her astuteness saved this patient's life.