Logan Ledwell
January 2020
FirstHealth of the Carolinas
United States




My wife suffered a brain bleed and went into a coma. After spending 37 days at another facility, she was transferred to Moore. Just a few days later I met Logan Ledwell and soon discovered her to be the best nurse ever. This young lady came in with a smile and always looked after her, (us) with love.
After showing Logan pictures of my wife and telling her our love story of 25 years, I could almost see Logan wanting to cry. This girl, after seeing me put lipstick on my wife, brought her personal stuff from home and washed, and French braided her hair and had my wife's lipstick on to perfection to surprise me. Logan Ledwell is exactly what any family member wants as a nurse! I hope she never loses the love for her profession. Logan truly touched my heart and eased our pain, just with her smile and extra care. I personally want her to know that she sure is special.
You go, Logan!