Lisa Hastings
December 2018
Advantage Medical Professionals
United States




Lisa has been with Advantage Medical Professionals for over 20 years. In addition to working PRN with the Lafayette office through the years, she has also completed multiple local/travel contracts - and was our first official California placement and successful completion. She has completed multiple NICU contracts for us at Children's Hospital in NOLA, where she floated wherever she was needed, worked 7A and 7P to accommodate the clients' schedule needs (and worked lots of OT), and cared for ECMO patients (some of the sickest in the region). Feedback from Children's was stellar, talking about how much of a team player Lisa is, and how her passion for nursing shines in the care of her patients as well as the care and treatment of the families.
This is also the type of feedback we have received from Women's & Children's Hospital in Lafayette, where she has essentially been counted on as part of their staff, as she has been working PRN and local contract there for us for over 10 years.
While on a travel contract for us at The Woman's Hospital in Houston - Lisa was assigned to be part of the Disaster (A) Team at the facility, and worked around the clock while Hurricane Harvey struck the city of Houston and flooded the city in for days after. Without complaint, without hesitation, and without even knowing what HCA/Parallon/HealthTrust was going to allow for a pay rate - she worked throughout the disaster. Even days after the disaster was over, she continued working there, fully committed to the patients, staff, and families.
Lisa is the type of nurse we all want representing our company at all of the client facilities we work with. She is professional, passionate about nursing, cares for her patients/families, takes pride in her work, honors her commitments to her assignments, and knows how to assimilate within the nursing staff.