Lisa Drumonde
November 2018
Specialized Orthopedic and Developmental Rehab
Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital




I have been so fortunate to have worked alongside Lisa for six years now and I have witnessed her compassion in everyday interactions with clients/families and staff. She is ever diligent to get to know the clients' likes/dislikes (care preferences) and you can always rely on Lisa to know the parents' names. She appreciates and respects the responsibility that parents have given nurses when they leave to go to work and entrust us to provide care for their child. There have been many times when past clients and their families have come back to visit the unit looking for her. One client in particular (a teen girl who suffered from an SCI) has come back twice to visit with her dad looking for Lisa. In my conversations with them, I can hear how much their time at Bloorview working with Lisa has really helped the family with their transition from rehab to home/community setting. While the client was here, I saw Lisa take the time to talk to this client about her love of sports and all things "girly". She also took that time to get to know Mom and Dad- what their jobs were and how this incident would impact their lives. It was evident from the start that they felt at ease discussing the difficulties that they are now faced with. She aligns her clinical practice with Holland Bloorview's mission of providing outstanding personalized care.
Most of our clients are here for a significant period of time. She values the partnership that she develops with clients/families during their rehab journey. Lisa embodies a holistic healing approach and always keeps the "big picture" in mind. During the inpatient stay, Lisa incorporates teaching into her care as well as casual conversation with clients/families all the while emphasizing their strengths. I have seen firsthand that Lisa empowers our clients/families and enhances their knowledge and confidence in her discussions with them prior to a weekend pass. For example, I saw Lisa take the time to review the steps for a clean intermittent catheterization with one of our parents. Lisa even tried to brainstorm with Mom to ensure that certain steps were feasible and safe in their home setting. Lisa also took the time to provide Mom with tips/pointers that she has used in the past. This is all through a strength­based approach.
Finally, Lisa is a great team player. She can always be counted on to lend a hand on the unit. She is a mentor to staff (new and old) as well as the several students whom she has taken under her wing. In giving feedback to her students, she will always highlight what they did well and approach the situation with a positive attitude looking forward to the next opportunity for the student. Lisa demonstrates the professional approach she expects of others on a daily basis eg. How she speaks to clients, families and fellow clinicians; how she makes herself available/visible to answer call bells. She demonstrates Bloorview's value of excellence, leading the way and eagerly taking on new initiatives and best practice brought forth on the unit eg. Wearing the medication SASH, filling out the family communication whiteboards.
Lisa is a true DAISY Nurse who clearly understands our vision of facilitating meaningful and healthy futures for our clients and families.