Lisa Abel
February 2018
NCH Healthcare System
United States




Lisa was my nurse during the evening shift in the ED. As a nurse myself, I was very much in tune with everything around me. What I noticed about Lisa was her efficiency, professionalism, and pleasant manner. She addressed me about my results and disposition. But, what impressed me the most was how she dealt with her patients and coworkers. She was always professional and attentive to patient's needs. For example, the patient next to me was vomiting and ready to be sent to his room. Lisa did not give his problem to the floor nurse, she handled it right then and there, inserting a nasogastric tube and giving instruction to another nurse while she was doing it. She was putting that patient first. When she gave report, she was pleasant and concise. She is a credit to your hospital. She is what I would consider a "nurse's nurse!" You cannot ask for better.