Lindsey Age
November 2019
Float Pool
Baptist Medical Center South
United States




My father was a patient in CCU overnight after surgery for a blockage in the left carotid artery. I was in the room with my mother when Lindsey was providing discharge instructions. I was impressed with her care. I stayed in the corner of the room and just observed.
I worked at a hospital for 5 years as the Director of Pastoral Care and I also taught courses in "Patient Experience" as well as communication, handoff, handwashing, and HCAHPS. Lindsey's care and work ethic shine through as she carefully explained my father's discharge instructions. She repeatedly asked clarifying, open-ended questions. She was thorough and took the time to listen to our many questions.
To help us get out sooner, she personally wheeled my father out, so we didn't have to wait for transport. We had something come up and had to leave ASAP. She is excellent. Great job and God bless!