Lindsay Cronin
May 2018
Surgical Intensive Care Unit
University of Maryland Medical Center
United States




Lindsay Cronin, CRNP practiced in the SICU for two years. Recently, she transferred to the Vascular Surgery team. Over the course of 4 months, Lindsay cared for a patient in the SICU. She made a special connection with the patient and family and took care to check in with them even when she was not the assigned provider and after she transferred to a different service.
This past Saturday, the family made the very difficult decision to withdraw life sustaining treatments. The patient's husband asked if the SICU team could inform Lindsay of this decision. Upon learning the family's decision, Lindsay calledthe unit andoffered to sit with the family. Lindsay came in on her day off and sat with the family,providing support and comfort throughout the process.
It is a privilege to care for our patients. Despite our best efforts and advances in healthcare, we cannot save every patient, but we can honor every life. I am certain the family was grateful for Lindsay's incrediblegenerosity and kindness.