Linda Rutland
September 2014
Float Pool/ ED Observation
Harborview Medical Center
United States




While I have known her throughout her career, I really know her predominantly from her time in the float pool and as an ED observation nurse. During the time that I have supervised Linda, staff have remarked numerous times how great a nurse she is, and if they were in the hospital, they would want Linda as their nurse. Here are a few examples of how Linda operates over the past years.

Linda had an elderly patient with a cervical fracture and recently lost his wife after many years of marriage. She contacted pastoral care and social work to provide additional support. When he transferred to another unit, she accompanied him and his daughter to the next unit and introduced him to the staff. The next shift, she went to check on his family when they were in the surgical waiting room to help decrease their anxiety.


Linda had a patient with a complicated medical history, and was in for an elective surgery, but the patient had a CVA after her procedure in addition to a reaction to contrast dye. Linda had all the required help and services to medically care for the patient, but in addition she went with the patient to help make sure communication went well between providers. Linda also went with the patient because she wanted to help relieve the anxiety of the patient and her husband.


One of our night staff wrote this about Linda. "I wanted to let you know about the exceptional care Linda Rutland provided to a dying, homeless man on Monday night. She was diligent in turning him, bathing him, and even washed his hair. We all knew he wasn't long for this world but that didn't keep Linda from providing him with lots of TLC. When he died peacefully in the morning, she made sure that his worldly goods - a Bible and a couple of blankets - were by his side. Linda treats all her patients with respect and kindness."


Additionally, here are a few examples of excerpts of what our staff have said about Linda:

"Linda gives amazingly good patient care. Her attention to detail is impressive. She is kind and gentle and very sensitive to her patients' needs."

"Linda is the best to work with, and is exceptional as an RN, especially in OBS. She is quick to orient new staff to OBS, and keeps us well-stocked. I have overheard some very good float pool nurses refer to Linda as 'the nurse I would want to treat me,', and I could not agree more."

"Linda works hard to give excellent care to her patients. I would not mind being one of them. Very detail oriented. Gives very, very, good patient care."

From our manager to Linda, (noted from his patient rounding) "You are adored by your patients. I receive more praise from your patients about their care... you are the example of how to give patient-centered care."