Lidia Tskhay
July 2019
Inpatient Unit
Hospital for Special Surgery
New York
United States




Lidia Tskhay is an exceptional nurse and nurse leader. As charge nurse on 7 East, she orchestrates the smooth and caring flow of our patients through the unit, troubleshooting any problems that arise. Lidia has her finger on the pulse of the floor like no other. She is an incredibly effective leader, often predicting both nurse and patient needs before they occur. She is fair and pragmatic, immensely professional and always patient-focused. She cares deeply about what is best for the patient and she is their strongest advocate when they need something. Lidia is an intelligent and experienced nurse. She always knows what to do and how to do it best. Her capacity to lead makes every patient's experience better, whether they know it or not. When I come to work and she is charge, I know it's going to be a great day for patients and nurses. Lidia is an inspiration to work with and a true DAISY Nurse. Thank you, Lidia.