Laura Romulus
April 2020
Weinberg 5 Surgical Acute Care
University of Maryland Medical Center
United States




Laura was my day shift nurse. She went above and beyond her call of duty taking care of me every day. After doing her bedside rounds, she came back to ask if I needed anything. If I did, she took care of it, ASAP, and said to call her if I needed anything else. She made me feel important, it was like she was thinking of her dad or brother. When she had two minutes to share, we talked about personal stuff and we each opened up to each other. I feel that I have found a new friend for life. Since finding my cancer 12 months ago, I have found these special friends whom I can talk with about life issues. Laura is my newest friend who fits into this situation like a glove. Laura is a role model. Her whole attitude is about customer service.