Lacy Putnam
May 2022
Family Birthplace
Memorial Medical Center
United States




Lacy was right there to guide me and reassure me and validate me. I always felt so comfortable with her.
Lacy was my nurse on the morning I delivered my daughter. She came on for her shift while I was already in the middle of pushing. She was so calm, but also excited and eager to be assigned to our care. She was encouraging the entire time, and I looked for her voice to be the one guiding me through the process. It was evident that she cared and was as invested in the process as we were as new parents. We delivered shortly after Lacy's shift started, so she spent the entire day with our new family.

I am typically a very private person, so I was very nervous about being in such a vulnerable position with someone I hardly knew. I can't thank her enough for how comfortable she made me feel as a new mom! After a little while, Lacy encouraged me to get up and take a shower. Naturally, I was very nervous to try and get up, and very much in need of a shower. Lacy could tell both of those things, and she chose to encourage me about how great it would feel and how she would be there to help me. Never once did she point out the obvious fact that I was in desperate need to get cleaned up and get my bedding cleaned up too.

Lacy helped me with everything I needed, and was always one step ahead; she knew what I needed before I did. She made sure to give me my privacy, and my dignity, but also be right where I needed her most. I had so many questions and concerns and she was right there to guide me and reassure me and validate me. I always felt so comfortable with her, which was honestly my biggest fear going into delivering a baby. I delivered my baby girl nearly 9 months ago, and I still cannot stop bragging about how wonderful she was as a nurse. I thank her nearly every chance I get. She helped me feel safe, comfortable and well taken care of on one of the biggest, best days of my life.