Kyla Thompson
May 2021
Emergency Department
Catholic Medical Center
United States




She did everything she could to keep me comfortable and informed.
I was brought to CMC’s Emergency Room by my wife because I was having difficulty breathing.

When I arrived, I was immediately triaged and placed on oxygen.
Within minutes I was rushed back to a room and evaluated. There were so many people in and out of the room it was difficult to keep up with everyone’s names or responsibilities.

Then my nurse Kyla Thompson came into the room. What a breath of fresh air! She was kind and compassionate, holding my hand and explaining everything to me. She was patient and listened to what I had to say. Kyla made it a point to keep me comfortable.

After about an hour, I could have one visitor with me. One family member was able to stay by my side. Even though I wasn’t alone, Kyla still came back frequently to check on me. She provided us with updates and answered every question. Kyla was never rushed or distracted.

I have been a patient at several hospitals in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. I have spent hours in Emergency Rooms waiting for tests, doctor’s orders, room placement, and in general, information. I have met many nurses.

This was my first visit to CMC’s Emergency Room. Kyla made this a positive experience because of her calm and reassuring manner. She did everything she could to keep me comfortable and informed.

I would like to nominate Kyla for the DAISY Award to recognize her outstanding and compassionate care.