Kristin Kuligowski
September 2019
Trauma PACU
University of Maryland Medical Center
United States




Kristin is a superb, supreme, amazing nurse. She was my nurse when I first came out of surgery. She was there when I was told devastating news. She saw that my wife and I were very upset. She reassured my wife that she would keep an eye on me. She heard me talking to a friend and heard me being upset. She came into my room, gave me Kleenex and stated, "I'm not only your nurse for medications but I am here if you want to cry, yell, scream or whatever. I'm also your friend; sounding board, etc." That really helped me because it made me feel like I was more than just another patient. She was thorough and an RN who really was a true Florence Nightingale. She took care of not only my physical needs but also, my emotional needs. She took care of me completely!!
I had several surgeries to occur and she always took care of me in the PACU with each surgery. A total of 3 surgeries. I recall a time that she came to see how I was doing on a multi-trauma floor and after she got off work. She is truly a caring, thoughtful, genuine, thorough, awesome nurse - she is an RN - a Real Nurse. She's truly one who this job she does is more than just a job, but a caring career woman, with a HUGE HEART and caring hands! She's truly a huge asset to this hospital. She made a difficult situation bearable and gave me hope.