Kimmie Aguilar
November 2020
Neonatal Intensive Care unit
Penn Medicine Chester County Hospital




Kimmie came in on her day off to help a family whose infant, M, had a terminal disease process (Trisomy 13) with understanding the infant's death and dying journey. The family had wanted to have their daughter die at home in the loving arms of her family, but unfortunately with the care that their daughter needed, she was unable to go home.
Kimmie sat with the parents and other family members explaining the process of M dying with dignity, comfort and peace. M went home to God while lying in the loving arms of her father, surrounded by her mother. Kimmie encouraged the parents to tell stories of the family and the older siblings and how they related to M and her siblings. Kimmie stated that while M would always be in their hearts, she would also be surrounded by her paternal grandfather and aunt who were waiting with open arms in Heaven. This provided the parents needed comfort and also helped to bring closure for them. Hand and foot prints were made and a lock of hair was obtained for the parents. Kimmie also provided comfort to the other Nurses in the unit and the physician caring for M. In a previous job, Kimmie worked with palliative care of terminal infants and is a great resource to the NICU. She went above-and-beyond to provide compassionate care for this family and their daughter, as well as the providers who took care of M.