Kimber Adkins
September 2018
Medical Surgical Unit
Saint Alphonsus Medical Center - Baker City
Baker City
United States




I don't often get to interact with nurses in other departments unless there is a patient going to surgery. The last two times I had a surgical patient coming from another unit, Kim Adkins was the nurse caring for them. She had the patients ready by the time I went over to bring the patient to surgery, including paperwork, meds, IV's, Foley placed, antibiotic hanging, compression stockings on; everything. But beyond that, I witnessed the compassion she showed to the patients and families.
These two patients were from completely opposite sides of the spectrum: one is a frail elderly woman and the other a young man currently addicted to drugs. Kim treated them both equally, with kindness, humor, and compassion, without prejudice and with nothing but the patient's best interests at heart. I was proud to witness her concern toward these people not only as patients but as human beings with fears and apprehensions over their current conditions. She engaged them in such a way as to both normalize and alleviate their concerns. She is a wonderful, caring nurse and Saint Alphonsus and the community are lucky to have her.