Kendall Lynch
January 2020
Neuro Intensive Care Unit
University of Maryland Medical Center
United States




Where do we begin? From my mom's first full day in the hospital, Kendall was one of the many amazing nurses and providers who cared for her. During the course of the 17 days, she was in the ICU, Kendall was her nurse for nine shifts - which I'm sure would have been more except she had a planned weeks' vacation in the middle.
Her care for both my mom as well as my dad, my sister, and me was nothing short of phenomenal. She was attentive to every beep; she shifted every uncomfortable position and grimace, ensuring maximum comfort at all times.
We also see her as a fierce advocate for our whole family, and she gently guided us through this unfathomably difficult time with unfailing kindness, compassion, respect and patience for our countless questions. I could give you 20 examples of things she did for us, but one of the most meaningful was allowing me and my sister to shave our mom's head. There is no way we can ever express our gratitude fully. We love Kendall!