Kendall Barger
May 2020
Medical ICU
University of Virginia Health
United States




I am a friend and co-worker of a patient who is currently under your care and residing in the MICU and being taken care of by Kendall Barger. Because of the current situation around COVID-19, it has been extremely difficult to get updates on his status, it is impossible for him to have visitors, and this has left a large group of people in a constant state of duress.
My friend is currently involved in a daily fight for his life and he is having to take on this fight without anyone that he knows by his side, these facts have proven to be unbearable for his family and friends to deal with and this situation has cast a very dark cloud around everyone who is touched by Z on a day to day basis.
However, there was a light that shined bright yesterday when we found out that there was a nurse who was willing to sit by his bedside and read personal messages from his family and friends. This has brought a tremendous amount of relief to know that his care is in the hands of wonderful person like Kendall. She informed us yesterday that if we would like for her to, she would sit by his bed, play his favorite music, and read the notes to him. Once we delivered the message to the company we work for and to his family, my inbox was full of messages wanting to express gratitude for her actions and wanting to make sure that she knew how much it meant for us to have messages delivered to him. When I received feedback from his mom, who has spoken to Kendall regularly, you could tell that when the messages were read to him, they were done so from a place of complete compassion and care; and when she said she was honored to do it, we could feel in our hearts that she truly meant it.
Some people or most people if we are being honest, do a good job. They go to work, they check all of the boxes, people are generally pleased with their efforts, and they live a full life. However, every so often you run into people like Kendall. The few that are like this, have a special capacity that enables them to be able to elevate those around them effortlessly and without intent. I don't believe that she read those notes to appease or to make us feel better. I feel as if she did that, because she felt it was her duty to do everything within her power to have an impact on the care of Z, and the other great feelings and reprieve that was given to Z's support network, was just a side effect of one true professional doing her job to the absolute max capacity. There will always be a special place in every one of our hearts for Kendall and the efforts she is making to take care of our brother.