Kellie Le
December 2019
Pediatric Emergency Department
The Johns Hopkins Hospital
Perry Hall
United States




I am a first-time mother, so I worry about everything! After three days of my newborn being ill, we took her to the ER at another facility where we were told she had RSV. Now, I've read every article about this on the internet and immediately went into panic mode.
She had to be transferred, via ambulance, to The Johns Hopkins Hospital. When I arrived with my daughter to the ER, Kellie was our nurse. I was alone with my sick infant waiting for my husband to arrive. I can't explain to you how thankful I am that Kellie was our nurse.
Her heart is so pure and you absolutely, without a doubt, know her passion is for nursing and children. She checked in on us, and me, frequently. She not only explained everything she was doing but offered that I come and watch so that I felt comfortable with everything that was going on.
She was upfront about the expectations as far as timing to get into a room, and it was overall just her personality that truly put me at ease so I could focus all my energy on my sweet little baby instead of all the fears of the unknown.
I really hope that Kellie is acknowledged for her amazing care. She is compassionate, calming, and truly an excellent example of an A+ team member. Thank you, Kellie, for caring for my sweet baby girl and not forgetting that her momma also needed caring for as well.