Kelli Bankos
August 2019
Outpatient Cancer Center
FirstHealth of the Carolinas
United States




My husband and I walked into the Outpatient Cancer Center for my first chemotherapy treatment. Simultaneously, as I burst into tears, stating, "I can't do this!" the treatment area doors opened. Standing in the doorway was a woman smiling at me saying, "Hi, my name is Kelli and I am going to take care of you today."
After a reassuring hug, we stepped over the most terrifying threshold of my life was about to change forever. Kelli was completely aware of my multiple anxieties; she explained everything, attentive to the smallest detail. She held my hand, handed me multiple tissues and talked to both me and my husband.
During a complication with my therapy, Kelli kept calm, keeping us calm, resolving the problem quickly. Kelli exhibited professionalism as well as genuine compassion while she was caring for a new cancer patient as well as a retired critical care nurse. Kelli cares about the person, not just the patient. I will never forget her.