Kelcey Farnham
May 2017
Medical ICU
University of Virginia Health System
United States




Our son-in-law was re-admitted to the MICU after complications from a Stem Cell transplant about two weeks ago. During this time, his status has been like a roller-coaster ride with more downs, than ups. He is a young patient with a 25-year-old wife, much too young to experience multiple returns to the MICU over the past year. During an extremely rough night over the past weekend, Kelcey not only took excellent care of my son-in-law but also my daughter. I will never forget the compassion that she showed as they both were sitting, crossed legged, facing each other on the bedside couch, while she consoled my daughter. She was on shift again today, and I again witnessed her not only taking excellent care of my son-in-law but our daughter, as well.
Our son-in-law's health has declined during this time in the MICU and he has an abundance of pumps, a ventilator, bed warmer, Bear Hugger and Icy Cath for the staff to keep up with. During a required addition of a central line due to access requirements, Kelcey had his life in her hands and orchestrated this transition with ease. Taking care of a critical patient for at least a twelve-hour shift is highly stressful and taxing on the provider. Kelcey has not only demonstrated efficiency and proficiency at her job, she also demonstrated compassion and great bedside manner. I cannot think of a more fitting individual for the DAISY Award!