Katrina Aguirre
March 2013
Labor and Delivery
Doctors Medical Center
United States




During the middle of a typical busy Monday in Labor & Delivery, we received a call from a nurse who had a patient who had delivered a 17 week fetal demise in the Emergency Department. While I was on the phone with the nurse, Katrina volunteered to go down to the Emergency Department and bring some of the perinatal grief and loss support packets we have and talk to the patient about her loss.

The Emergency Department staff expressed much gratitude for Katrina's expertise during this difficult situation, as they felt out of their element. Katrina spent a great deal of time with the patient and when the Emergency Department physician was ready to discharge the patient, Katrina advocated for her. She called and informed me of the patient's difficulty in parting with her baby. Arrangements were made for the patient to be admitted to the postpartum floor where she could continue to receive support for her loss.

Thanks to Katrina she was not forced out the door too soon and was able to benefit from the PG&L program. Thank you Katrina for being such a compassionate and strong patient advocate.