Katie Cohn
October 2018
Neuro Intensive Care Unit
University of Maryland Medical Center
United States




Katie Cohn showed the most compassion and Love that I have ever seen from a healthcare provider. I say this as a paramedic and as someone that has met and known countless other healthcare personnel. Katie helped us deal not only with the difficult decisions that we had to make with the Stroke/Palliative/IC Teams, but she also showed an amazing and incredible personal touch in helping us deal with our pain. She felt like family.
Katie made us feel so much better in our pain and suffering. She talked to us like we were friends and family rather than patients or patient's family. She has inspired me so greatly to become a better medic, and one day, a better doctor. I will never forget Katie's bedside manner. One day I hope to be able to match that level of compassionate care myself.