Kathy Hotz
January 2020
Bayfront Health Seven Rivers
Crystal River
United States




My mom has been in the ICU for 14 days with Kathy as her most frequent nurse. Kathy went above and beyond to make her experience the best it could be as well as providing the family with educational information about her conditions and always explaining why she was giving a medication and explaining everything ahead of time. She was incredibly sweet and patient while also begin direct and encouraging when needed. She spent her hours very busy making sure mom was always comfortable and had everything she needed. Kathy's advocacy and bedside manner were extraordinary. We truly appreciate everything. She went above and beyond to help with our mother's health.
My husband was a patient in your ICU. While everyone, including doctors, were very nice and helpful, Kathy went above and beyond what one would expect. She really cared! She could get my husband to smile and even joke, when he started out grumpy and scared. It felt more like family than just a nurse caring for him. She understood what we were going through and helped ease his stress and more. She was just wonderful. She answered questions and really helped us deal with what was going on. She helped calm us and understand everything.
Kathy's smile, attitude (even when he would hit the call button instead of the correct TV button on the remote) was a calming effect, helping us, again as I wrote, in a very scary and stressful situation. She always had a smile, not only on her face, but also in her voice. It's hard to explain a "smile in her voice", but it was something you felt and that was sincere. You are very lucky to have her as an employee!