Katherine Abdun-Nur
October 2016
Family Birth Center
Asante Three Rivers Medical Center
Grants Pass
United States




I came infor a cesarean section with my second son. The anticipation of major surgery had my nerves already on edge, so when my son would not latch and was rapidly losing weight it only compounded the stress and fears that come along with a new baby. It was suggested that I meet with Katherine Abdun-Nur, Lactation Consultant.
As I look back now on that time, I was such an emotional wreck. My son was just on the edge of jaundice and being declared failure to thrive; I was one hot mess. Katherine was so kind and encouraging to me in my effort to breastfeed. Although things were not going well at all, she would never allow me to give up hope. I was struggling desperately, not only with my emotions, but also with my surgical recovery.
As chance would have it, my older son and her grandson attended the same elementary school and they had an evening program the day after I had met with her. Nerves raw, body sore, and emotions so tender; seeing her that night was such a God-send. I smiled and said hello, she immediately asked me how it was going. My report was far from stellar; things were not going well at all, things, in my mind, were horrible. Having to supplement with formula made me feel like such a failure.
Right there in the elementary school gym, Katherine leaned over, took my hands, and looked me right in the eyes and said "there is more to being a good mom than how you feed your baby." I think it was only my pride at that moment that didn't allow me to break down in tears. There was so much love and support in her words, such compassion and genuine care. I took those words with me the rest of that week and through the entire weekend, repeating them to myself, over and over and over.
I am happy to report that my milk finally came in, and even though my son still won't latch, I am able to supply him with my milk through pumping. He is gaining weight steadily and is a happy, healthy 6-month-old!
I cannot thank Katherine enough for what she did for me, for her care and support. Having a lactation program is so valuable to this community and I for one, am so grateful that it was there when I needed it.
Katherine Abdun-Nur is a DAISY Honoree because of the outstanding love, care, and concern that she showed my son and me. I feel that she is more than deserving of this recognition!