Katelyn Payne
January 2022
Pediatric ICU
The Johns Hopkins Hospital
United States




Kate showed such selflessness and grace during the most trying of times.
We had a patient (and family) who was very near and dear to many of our hearts, as they had been with us for several months’ time. Kate always had a very special connection with this family, going above and beyond for them on days when she wasn't even their assigned nurse.

She provided so much support to the patient’s mother in particular, and truly changed this family's life. Not only did she provide support to them during the patient’s many tough times, but Kate also celebrated his wins, no matter how big or small. She is just such an incredible person and nurse to every patient. When it was clear that this patient was passing, the patient’s mother had only two requests... to give the patient as many snuggles and cuddles as possible, and to have Kate as his nurse in his last days.

During these last days, the family leaned on Kate in incredibly difficult ways, asking for her to play a huge role in his passing, his honor guard, etc. which were understandably very challenging as Kate was emotionally connected to this patient. However, instead of putting her needs first, she gave this family their one last wish. She showed such selflessness and grace during the most trying of times.

I cannot imagine doing what Kate did for that family during the patient's last two days. Kate touched this family's life and loved their sweet, sweet child in ways that they will cherish forever and absolutely never forget.