Katelyn Olivarez
April 2019
Med/Surg Orthopedic
Riverside Community Hospital
United States




Sometimes bad things happen that allow good people to do great things! Katelyn Olivarez is one of those good people who clearly went above and beyond in her recent care of a mother who has a 12-year old son. The family recently experienced a tragedy where they had become homeless after the mother had been run over by her boyfriend. However, Katelyn stepped up in an extraordinary way. While caring for the mother, she also helped assist the son, who was living in the same hospital room, since there were no other family members available to care for him.
Early during the week's stay, Katelyn observed that the son would leave early in the morning for school and return in the afternoon. However, he would not eat while at the hospital, so she took it upon herself to routinely provide food for the child that she purchased from the hospital cafeteria. She also provided emotional support for him during this trying time.
Katelyn also felt compelled to provide additional assistance by giving clothes and toiletries for both the mother and son to help them adjust to their upcoming transition into a homeless shelter. She was able to bring clothes from home for the mother, but the boy was more of a challenge because Katelyn only had girls at home. She again opened her compassionate heart and provided him several gift cards so he could purchase new clothing at nearby department stores.
Katelyn is an outstanding nurse to be commended for her truly selfless acts and nonjudgmental care that she provided. Not only did she provide quality care for the patient, but she also ensured the family was taken care of during this very trying time, so the mother could mend and her son could continue his schooling and life. Katelyn is a true DAISY Nurse.