Kate Whitney
September 2019
Labor and Delivery
The Johns Hopkins Hospital
United States




Recently we have had some very medically complex patients, but also some very emotionally challenging patients who tugged at our heartstrings. Kate was recently taking care of one of these patients and formed a special bond.
This patient had a very high-risk pregnancy and was here alone. In addition, she only spoke Spanish. Kate is fluent in Spanish and has been able to help with all of her needs. Kate went above and beyond to support this patient, including staying late, washing her hair and was even considering interrupting her vacation to come in for the patient's procedure. Kate helped coordinate the chaplain and helped the patient contact her family in Virginia. The patient had a favorite restaurant in the city and Kate went after work to bring her favorite soup to her before she had to be NPO for morning surgery.
The patient also requested that Kate be in her surgery with her and, although her operation became emergent overnight, Kate kept in touch with the team via text.
In the past year, Kate has grown so much and has become a wonderful perinatal nurse. I am so proud to work beside her and continue to watch her grow.