Karyn Comfort
October 2022
Labor and Delivery
University of Maryland Medical Center
United States




It was what you did as a person, not just a nurse that made the real difference. You held my daughter's hand, you sat down to talk to them eye to eye.
I wanted to express my very sincere thanks for the kindness and care you showed to my daughter and son-in-law last week on the labor and delivery floor. They delivered and lost their baby boy when you were assigned as their nurse. At my age, I’ve been in plenty of hospitals and been cared for by many nurses…I am grateful to each for their care and expertise. You, Karyn, are different from any caregiver, nurse, doctor, or other medical professionals I have encountered in my 62 years.

On that awful night, you were clearly a gift from God to our family. You did all the things a nurse could do, all the expected tasks we’ve seen others do that day before you and after you. It was what you did as a person, not just a nurse that made the real difference. You held my daughter's hand, you sat down to talk to them eye to eye. Your eyes welled up with tears at the struggle they were enduring, the inevitable loss of their first son. You explained with compassion and truly walked with them that awful night. When my daughter had to be taken to the OR after delivery, a sudden turn of events, she was upset and scared. You immediately tightened your grip on her hand and told her you would be with her the entire time, right by her side. That was a comfort to her but even more so to her husband who just couldn’t bear to part from her, to let her out of his sight after the delivery.

When you spoke of making prints of baby C’s hand and feet, it was clear that you wanted them perfect. You did them more than once so that they were indeed, perfect. You carefully assembled his blanket and tiny hat alongside the prints and casts. It was evident that this wasn’t just a task, or something you had to do. You took this as a sacred task, knowing how very much it would mean to young parents who lost their child. It was truly a gift they will treasure.

When your shift was over, my daughter and son-in-law were finally sleeping and I was watching over them. You came over and told me you’d be staying longer to see them when they awoke. When they did awaken, you came in, sat down with them, and spoke to them privately. I’m not sure what you said, but I heard them express their thanks for everything you did for them. They continue to tell people about you and how you took such good care of them. That night at least a dozen people were in and out, nurses, and doctors of all kinds. You were the buffer, you were the familiar person who took the lead in caring for her, explaining what was happening, and helping her cope. You were the constant, the one who walked the entire path with them and for that, her family is grateful.

As a mom, I sincerely thank you because you cared for my children when I could not. Nursing is a calling and it is clear that this particular type of nursing is your calling. It takes a special person to accompany someone at the darkest time of their life. You are truly a very special young lady. My very best wishes for a wonderful and successful career, May you be blessed in your life as you have blessed our family.