Karen Moore
July 2022
Karen S
Birth Center
Longs Peak Hospital
United States




Thank you so much, Karen!! You saved my mental health as well as my physical health.
Karen saved my breastfeeding journey. In a short time postpartum, I wasn't draining my breasts enough, which caused clogged ducts and eventually gave me mastitis. My breast was so sore I could barely touch it or even wear clothes. I was quickly given an appointment and with her recommendation, took lecithin supplements and used a nipple shield. In less than a day, painful lumps were gone, the nipple was healed, and the shield was no longer needed. Thank you so much, Karen!! You saved my mental health as well as my physical health. My baby is being fed exactly the way I want him to be because of all the lactation consultants I have seen at UCHealth Longs Peak, especially this nurse.


Nursing heroes can appear in unlikely places. For well over a decade, this nurse has been providing excellence in supporting the moms and babies with the best of evidence-based practice, standing up for and protecting the bedside nurses' practice. Karen has served as a role model for excellence in a critical and typically less public role and yet she continues to provide the basis for education and best outcomes. Having known this about her, and now working with her in a slightly different role, Karen continues to put forth this same energy and expertise in hands-on practice. There have been several mothers who have felt her support and reached out to specifically thank her in her role for them to be successful. As a colleague, I am thankful to have her as a model in the profession of nursing.